Bad Santa Hunt BEGINS!!!

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Yes it is finally here after a looong few months of orginizing it!! the starting location is the same as always at the Hunts & Shizz Home where the first gift is right infront of your nose!! you can also pick up the hints list at the Hunts & shizz home or ofcourse you can check the blog! we havent got pictures of the gifts as its christmas time! you never get pictures of gifts now do you? ruins to surprise in my eyes anyhow so anyway stop reading my jibberish and get started on your hunting!



Bad Santa Christmas Hunt!!!

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\o/ For Christmas Hunts!!! so this year will be my 1 year anniversary of putting together hunts! my first hunt was a christmas one that turned out to be huge so lets make this one just as big! but better!!! for store owners interested in being apart of this hunt please see above for the application copy and paste the application into a NC inworld or visit out inworld Hunts & Shizz home by clicking the link!!! for any further info that cannot be found on the blog please IM jade Ezvalt with any questions and i will reply ASAP other wise check back to the blog often for any newness!


For this christmas hunt ( being it is themed bad santa ) the gifts will be along the lines of anything bad ( exept the quality ) HAHA so the prizes can be from bad flavoured lollipops to naughty themed santa presents or something not even christmassy at all just bad gifts! haha again not BAD quality!


Hunt app deadline is the 10th of november any received after that will be discarded  . . . . check back often for more! ❤ jade

CANCELLED – sorry for any inconvenience but the people i have advertise my hunts to store vendors didnt do it so i only had maybe 10 applications from store owners which isnt enough for a hunt!!!! but we have a huge christmas hunt and a mini hunt in between to keep everyone hunting and happy !!! ❤ ade

<3 the 80s Themed Party!!!

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DATE CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the 13th of this month at 7-9pm slt be here for your chance of 1000L maybe more in linden prizes and also some great prizes from party sponsors!! ALSO, Store owners it is not to late to participate IM jade Ezvalt for the info!

❤ the 80s Themed Party!

Click the Above link for a direct teleport

BE sure that you are dressed up or you cannot enter the contests!!

<3 the 80s hunt

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HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!!

Finally the hunt has begun with some great stores and great prizes.

Dont forget that towards the end of the hunt we will be having an 80s themed party for everyone to dress up and have a chance of winning over one thousand linden and other prizes from the hunt sponsors and store owners who make these hunts possible.

Please check the blog often or join the inword group to be kept informed of when the party will be on & when other hunts will be happining ❤ the Hunts & Shizz team

Copy and paste the link below into your local chat in secondlife then click on the link to join the Hunts & Shizz group!.

(( secondlife:///app/group/460e441e-f272-27b4-4e5e-9873fd0d7684/about ))

<3 the 80s Hunt!

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This hunt is one of a kind!! with everything givin away to be 80s themed!!! and on the last day of the hunt there will be an 80s themed party for everyone to show off their 80s style while dancing to music from the 80s!!!! yes this has made me go truely 80s insane and it is going to be a blast!!!


Store owners please fine the app in the tool bar at the top or for more info visit our inworld location!!! Hunts & Shizz

Create a NC inworld and copy paste the following then rename the NC to  <( -_0 )> GOR ( your name )/( store name )


Note i will not send invites to ALTs it causes to much confusion if you want it sent to an alt use the alt to send the app.

P.S. to send notices in the <( -_0 )> Group you need to display the group sign somewhere visible in your store and when hunts are on if you participate you will also need to display the hunt sign.

Send completed application to jade Ezvalt



Your store name:

Your avatar name:

Second contact:

Please give the name of another avatar who we can contact in case of emergency if you are unreachable and something goes awry. (A store manager, a friend with mod rights, etc)

Your store landmark:

Your store slurl:

Region Rating (PG, Mature, Adult):

is your gift going to be made for the hunt or just an item from in your store?:

OPTIONAL: Would you willing to help out in other areas of this hunt? (check those areas you would be willing to help with)

Group chat moderation:

Hint giving:

Walkthroughs and hint making:

if your application is aproved you will be sent a group invite please accept to stay upto date with the hunt!


For advertisement rights

Snapshot of the sign displayed in a visible location (                                 )