Bad Santa Christmas Hunt!!!

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

\o/ For Christmas Hunts!!! so this year will be my 1 year anniversary of putting together hunts! my first hunt was a christmas one that turned out to be huge so lets make this one just as big! but better!!! for store owners interested in being apart of this hunt please see above for the application copy and paste the application into a NC inworld or visit out inworld Hunts & Shizz home by clicking the link!!! for any further info that cannot be found on the blog please IM jade Ezvalt with any questions and i will reply ASAP other wise check back to the blog often for any newness!


For this christmas hunt ( being it is themed bad santa ) the gifts will be along the lines of anything bad ( exept the quality ) HAHA so the prizes can be from bad flavoured lollipops to naughty themed santa presents or something not even christmassy at all just bad gifts! haha again not BAD quality!


Hunt app deadline is the 10th of november any received after that will be discarded  . . . . check back often for more! ❤ jade


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