Are you a store owner? need a place to advertise your new items or sales? then IM jade Ezvalt inworld to get an invite !! fill out the App below and send to jade Ezvalt. this group will also keep you upto date with all the hunts and events <( -_0 )> provides

Advertisers please note that you have full rights to send notices moderate group chat and so forth but please keep in mind no one likes spam so if you want to advertise we ask you keep it down to 1 notice per week and never advertise the same thing twice

<( -_0 )> is a group dedicated exclusively for grid wide hunts and a chance to advertise your store

In the <( -_0 )> group, you can advertise your creations, such as clothes, hats, shoes, boots, jewelery, hair, shapes, skins, tatoos, eyes, lashes, gestures, poses and much more

You can not advertise other peoples shops/businesses however if you are having an event such as a fundraiser or an awareness party please IM jade Ezvalt before sending a notice about such events.

In the <( -_0 )>  group, everybody is free to join and free to send invitations.


Rename NC to     <( -_0 )> – Advertisment/Vendor APP/your name

Send completed application to jade Ezvalt

<( -_0 )> – Application:

Your store name:

Your avatar name:

Your store landmark:

Your store slurl:

Region Rating (PG, Mature, Adult):


Would you willing to help out in other areas of this group (check those areas you would be willing to help with)

Group chat moderation /Hint giving (when hunts are on)

Walkthroughs and hint making ( when hunts are on )

if your application is aproved you will be sent a group invite please accept to stay upto date

❤ jade!


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